Thursday, May 29, 2008

Support the Troops

History-Making Push for U.S. Troops
A team of patriotic leaders are working together in a historic undertaking with the goal of sending the largest single shipment of care packages to U.S. troops in American history.
Coupla personal notes: Larry Bailey is a friend, and on a cold day in March of last year I was freezing my butt off on a windy knoll just yards from The Wall in DC, (doing commo for GoE) and this pretty little blond lady came up to tell me thanks. That was Melanie Morgan.

Monday, May 26, 2008

One voice

See Honk and Wave: Veteran Faithfully Supports U.S. Troops!

Jim and Tammy are friends of mine.

The older (and less hirsute) gentleman is the fellow arrested down there for touching a cop.

Charges dropped against Pop Kohanowich

It's amazing what can be done with one voice.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day

Jules Crittenden has a post up that says it all better than I can.

Follow the links:

On Dying And Continuing To Be Alive

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Curious - Global Climate Change?

I'm no weather wonk. I can't even seem to use the NWS weather radar to tell for sure if it's raining here. I have to look out the window?

So... I'm curious about this whole global warming/cooling thing.

My curiousity exists on several levels.

Now Global Climate Change can be considered a given. It. Does. Change. Whether the human contribution is significant is clearly open to question, if only as to how significant that aspect might be.

An extraterrestrial object of a certain size striking the earth will generate a GCC... Volcanic activity at a certain level will also. Toss in changes in the sun, and general earth-centric oddities and it's pretty much a sure thing whatever the cause.

Since there will be GCC why aren't we planning for it instead of trying to control one possible cause?

At first glance anthropogenic causes might seem the simplest point of attack, but are they? Has anyone actually sat down and figured out the cost world wide, even if every individual on earth agrees to pay it? Remember that the number of cattle would need to be reduced along with emissions from usual generator suspects... Fertilizer would need to used less, etc.

And I wonder if a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases would do more than simply double the time before it happens anyway? If that speculation has any merit then what is the point?

Just asking; I wanna do the right thing, after all.

[edit] Turns out there's a partial answer here: Global Warming: Playing It Cool

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time for a change?

Democrats’ Platform for Revolution is an article should be a 'must read' for every citizen, but won't be.

I been aware of Saul Alinsky for some time, so there's little new here from that aspect, but it does provide a coherent explanation for what has, and is, happening in this country.
Liberals fear power or its application.… They talk glibly of people lifting themselves by their own bootstraps but fail to realize that nothing can be lifted except through power…Radicals precipitate the social crisis by action—by using power…Liberals protest; radicals rebel. Liberals become indignant; radicals become fighting mad and go into action. Liberals do not modify their personal lives[,] and what they give to a cause is a small part of their lives; radicals give themselves to the cause. Liberals give and take oral arguments; radicals give and take the hard, dirty, bitter way of life.
One way in which organizers and their disciples can broadcast their preparedness for this possibility is by staging loud, defiant, massive protest rallies expressing deep rage and discontent over one particular injustice or another. Such demonstrations can give onlookers the impression that a mass movement is preparing to shift into high gear, and that its present (already formidable) size is but a fraction of what it eventually will become. “A mass impression,” said Alinsky, “can be lasting and intimidating…. Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
There's plenty more here that provides chapter and verse to what we see everyday. What's happened to our educational system, for instance, was spelled out decades ago.

And Obama's Alinsky jujitsu is an interesting perspective from earlier this year.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm feeling MUCH better now!

Snagged from Drudge: War protesters frustrated by apathy

"People walk past and say, 'I'm glad you're doing something,' " said Marty O'Malley, a Forest Hills council member who has attended more than 100 anti-Iraq war events, as he stood in front of Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle's Downtown office last week with the small gathering of activists.

"I want to shake them and say, 'Why aren't you doing something!?' "

The speaker is ostensibly a Vietnam Vet?

The article goes on to blame The Media for this apathy, even carefully quoting Pete Hegseth in concurrence.

It breaks my heart that the anti-war crowd is disappointed by what they see as apathy, but I wonder if... oh gee... people simply don't agree with them?

For years those folks have, as part of their mantra, declared that the vast majority of people in this country are against the war, citing this and that poll with some selectivity and free interpretation at need.

I dunno, it seems clear that their numbers are falling and that their over-all frustration is giving rise to more violence and outlandish behavior. But it seems likely that any apathy is concerning their various causes collectively, rather than the The War specially. They need to remember that ANSWER was made up of a disparate conglomeration of groups and that the anti-war aspect was but a small fraction. Almost all of the events staged by directly anti-war types have been tiny in fact. The recent IVAW Winter Soldier 'testimonies' were held in a relative vacuum, and the IVAW had asked the affiliated groups to stay away.

Again I dunno; seems to me the article is confusing the terms apathetic with pathetic.
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