Friday, May 15, 2009

The day I frightened The Governor

A few years ago (late 2003 or so) I was visiting our local high toned resort to hear a couple I'd been recording. I was off duty, and alternating coffee and beer.

I was feeling mellow and comfortable when this entourage came in. Seems there was a wedding somewhere in the facility?

At the head of this group was The Governor-Elect of West Virginia!

He and I shot a game of eight-ball (I think he won) and I visited with some of his campaign staff. BTW, I did vote for him.

BUT, I asked him about whether or not he had security. I mean, I'm shooting pool with the guy, and I was concerned about my well being. This wasn't so far past 9/11 that the question was overtly silly. Turns out he did not.

Then my obsessive nature kicked in. I was discussing his lack of security with everyone who'd stand still long enough. OOPS!

A bit later some of his cronies confronted me. Seems I'd disturbed his aura or something.

The rest is history. I never get invited to Charleston.


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