Thursday, July 17, 2008

War movies and stuff

I don't think I've seen a 'war' movie since John Wayne left the set. I was actually kinda-sorta in one, BTW. We formed up in a WWII looking thing with a carrier for some aerial shots. Can't remember which one.

In terms of VN movies I've seen a couple I liked: "Go Tell the Spartans", and "The Boys in Company C" have some things going for them. Snippets of "Full Metal Jacket' around Hue stirred some memories.

I can't watch any of the crop of Iraqi related films, nor the related TV shows.

I do re-read "We Were Soldiers" and then watch the DVD (one of 4 or 5 I own) about once a year.

None of them were 'my' war.

Thing is... When I came back groups like the VFW were loaded with WWII and Korea vets and they wanted nothing to do with those of us from Nam. This I know personally. The first parade I ever participated in was for those folks from the first Gulf War and they specifically invited us.

I've heard some rumbling here and there that currents vets are getting the same sort of treatment from some Nam vets. I don't see it, in fact I've spent considerable time and energy seeing that that doesn't happen.

Probably a tempest in a tea-pot, but maybe something we need to keep an eye on. Us old farts aren't perfect, and your war isn't ours, but the thread goes back pretty far.
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