Sunday, April 20, 2008

When you're wrong... you're wrong

Some weeks ago I had a small notion. With the upcoming Winter Soldier II event I speculated that we should let THEM do their thing, and then WE would do a blow-by-blow rebuttal.

I figured the rebuttal that was lacking after WSI allowed myths and outright lies to become de-facto truths over the subsequent decades.

Live blogging the new event, along with various on-line efforts would allow us to collect the intel needed to address the new lies head on.

Then wiser heads prevailed and some decided to make the rebuttal precede, and/or run concurrently with, the event.

Along the way I admit some concern that those folks were allowing the IVAW to inoculate themselves, and that did happen, but the effect was positive.

I found myself tangled up in some local, personal, matters and could only watch from the sidelines as several fine folks just kept pouring cold water on each supposed hot spot. It was a wonder to behold. Denis, Rurik, Jonn, TSO, and many others, left them only able to whimper.

The counter protest and rally were punctuation marks writ large.

So to all concerned, Well Done, and thanks for NOT listening to me!
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