Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vote or shut the @#$% up!!

This will be last of my pre-election rants.

The experts, pundits, and wags are still calling the thing a toss-up.

I think voter turnout with be the deciding factor.

If there's any question, I'm gonna be voting anti-Democrats, yet again! I hate it, but it's the Devils choice. Here in WV there's a decent chance at the State level to see a real change. Whether that is an improvement or not, who knows.

I have 3 things to close with.

1 - If you don't vote STFU!!!!!

2 - I'm headed back to PA this weekend (weather permitting) to do a small thing to Boot Murtha. What have you done?

3 - Term limits is a good idea that doesn't go far enough. If we're gonna think of changing the Constitution I'd like to propose we take it several steps further.

We select our congresscritters out of the jury pool. If a jury is wise enough to decide life or death issues they are wise enough to sit in DC. They'd be paid and treated exactly like our military - live in barracks, eat military chow, etc.


[edit] I need to extend my emphasis somewhat. You need to make a real effort to change one mind, or one vote. Voting and doing nothing else is only a half step.


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