Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thesis: Viet Nam was a Moral victory

Premise: The liberal/left succeeded in stopping a war, removing a President(maybe two counting Nixon) and felt they had established themselves on the high moral ground.

Background: People banded together and stopped a war. It was the whole 'power to the people' schema made manifest.

Is not a significant part of how the liberal/left define themselves as champions of 'the little people?

Well,The Little People took to the streets (with no small guidance from the liberal/left) and made their voices heard... and accomplished a THING.

LBJ's decision not to run again was certainly influenced by the anti-war folks, and it's reasonable to extrapolate that the mechanism for Nixon's eventual downfall was set in motion by LBJ's decision.

So we have a war ended, one President unseated, and another exposed as a criminal.

With Viet Nam as a focus The People brought sweeping changes to America in several other notable areas, as well.

What else might that be called? And I'm not looking for Pyrrhic victory, although I think it was.


I have no idea how to begin to write a genuine thesis. I was having an exchange (sorta) with a gleeful member of the liberal/left (you know the type) she was stunned because I proposed the Viet Nam War wound up as moral victory for the liberal/left. I was stunned that she (they)didn't want to take credit.

Posting this here for fun.


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