Thursday, October 26, 2006

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I dunno if any on else has caught this yet, but since it parallels my last post I'll point it out.

Liberal armchair generals are still fighting the last war

by Fred Hutchison

The tendency of generals to re-fight the last war has been a recurring phenomenon since Carl Von Clausewitz wrote about it in his book On War (published 1832). Sometimes intellectuals who play armchair general make the same mistake. Liberals seem to be caught in a repeating time loop based on a fixation with Vietnam. Many liberals who oppose the Iraqi War are using some of the same arguments that they or their fathers used in opposing the Vietnam War. Historical memory is tricky. Agenda-driven people who don't check their facts often selectively reconstruct their memories of historical events. Liberals want to remember the Vietnam War as a story of liberal antiwar activists as the heroes and the Vietnam hawks as the villains. They wish to forget the terrible historical consequences of the anti-war movement, particularly the massive blood purges in Vietnam and Cambodia after the war. In order to celebrate themselves and ignore the consequences of their actions, liberals have perpetuated a mythological version of the Vietnam War.

Many liberal armchair generals are using Vietnam, a war that they do not understand, as a guide to interpreting the war in Iraq, another war they do not understand. Iraq is a different kind of war, with different kinds of ideologies, loyalties, and resentments among the people, and different tactics for fighting. Using Vietnam as a lens can only blur one's vision about Iraq...



Democrats have an opportunity to take control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. While not all Democrats in Congress are under the spell of Vietnam, their leaders in the House and Senate are anti-war liberals and Neo-McGovernites. If power comes into their hands, they are likely to abandon the Iraqis to their fate. In 1973-74, the Democrats abandoned the Vietnamese and Cambodians to annihilation and never looked back. If the Democrats take power in January 2007, they are chafing at the bit to abandon the Iraqis to unimaginable horror.

It is not too late to stop the Democrats from taking control of Congress. Let us join ranks to stop them.

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