Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vote early and vote often?

I suppose the title is a bit tongue in cheek, unless you live here in West Virginia.

It is time for a another 'Stating the Obvious' exercise. Due the subject matter and timing I expect to be revisiting this particular item several times.

There's page after page of fascinating material out there, topics ranging from falling gas prices to a 'General's Revolt' at the DOD, but has much fun as all that stuff is... it's time to focus.

In early November (unless you've voted absentee) decisions are going to be made. Decisions that will shape not only the next two years, but the long term future of this country. That sentence sounds almost trite from over use, but consider what is at stake.

If there is a real threat from Islamic Imperialism?

Is our border situation is a threat to everything we consider to be American?.

I've stated both elements as questions, because a substantial percentage of our citizens do not consider either to be of consequence.

As I see it these are the only two issues to be decided. Failure to deal with them may well make every other issue trivial.

Aside: I'm not a fan of politics and politicians. I have felt for years that we need to change the system to rid ourselves of the preening, pampered, princes in congress. My choice would be to draft them out of the jury pool, house them in barracks and otherwise treat them like the military. But this is the system we have.


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