Sunday, October 08, 2006

We Are Marshall

I come from the "Big City" in West Virginia. Sadly, the house I was born into, as well as the houses of both sets of grandparents on Third Avenue, are now tennis courts accross the street from the Marshall University library.

I remember sledding down the big hills that have long been replaced by new Science Building. I also remember moving to the inner city of Detroit, with the hillbilly accent that made me a target of afternoon adventures.

As I got older, I was the only peron I know that was aware of the "Thundering Herd." It was late fall in 1970 as I sat in my barracks at Sheppard AFB, when I heard of the plane crash that wiped out the entire Marshall football team. Their plane crashed short of Tri-State Airport, just a short hop over the hill my family home is located.

I went back to Huntington this spring, as I do most every year, for my mother's birthday. The town was agog with movie sets and stars. I stayed at the same hotel with Mathew McConaughey, although I cannot add myself to the many that claimed sightings of the star.

What in the world does this have to do with anything?

No matter where I live now, my roots and family are in West Virginia. No matter what I do now, my heart is that of an American. I served my country during Viet Nam, but never went there.

I'm just a lone Gray Dog, looking for a place to fit in. (Not a whine, but a real desire)

I thank Zero for the opportunity to sit here for a while. I hope I will be able to contribute something worthwhile.

For now I will just close with something close to home: "We Are Marshall!"


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