Wednesday, September 20, 2006

good PR?

There are lessons to be learned. Taking a page from western marketing and public relations gurus the Palestinian Authority is producing videos to aid in the recruitment of martyrs.

The Israeli-based monitor Palestinian Media Watch reports the video, airing on television controlled by Abbas' Fatah party, depicts a Palestinian woman who is shot in the back by Israeli soldiers. The woman then is transported to "paradise" where she joins white-robed "maidens" dancing in water while waiting to marry a male Palestinian who "martyrs" himself.

In the next scene, according to PMW, a grieving Palestinian man is shot in the back by Israeli troops while visiting the grave of the woman killed at the start of the video. The man immediately is brought to "heaven" where he is rewarded with several white-robed "maidens," including the original woman he was mourning.

Read the article

You can watch the video and get more details here. The quality ain't so hot, but it's watchable.

Maybe our government and the military in particular could hire some Hamas members to get OUR message out?


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