Saturday, January 20, 2007

Man the Barricades!


An event occurred earlier this month that nearly fell through the cracks.

Four armed Guardsmen from Tennessee were surrounded by six to eight men carrying automatic weapons during an encounter on Jan. 3 east of Sasabe.

Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps said he was surprised that the government accounts match the the description Minuteman volunteers heard from the Guardsmen involved.
Usually, government-issued reports bear little resemblance to what actually happened, he said.
"I'm impressed," said Simcox, who had not seen the accounts before Friday. "For the first time in a long time, they did something right."
At the same time, the reports expose the danger of putting the National Guard on visible posts with orders to avoid confrontation, he said.

"They are standing out there just basically being targets," Simcox said. "They could be wiped in a second by a group walking up on them. Ultimately, it's going to lead to a bad situation.

No changes have been made in light of the incident, Soto and Aguirre said.
Guardsmen working these observation posts receive special training, and many have been in Iraq or Afghanistan, Aguirre said. They will continue to follow protocol established for the mission, said Maj. Aguirre, which means: "If they feel physically threatened, they will react accordingly," he said.
If they were shot at, they would shoot back, he said.
Napolitano is pleased with how the Guard handled the encounter, her spokeswoman said. She and Rataczak are continually analyzing the danger the troops face but are confident they can handle whatever comes at them, L'Ecuyer said.
"It's not something they ask for," she said. "But, it's something they train for."

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So the U.S. was invaded by an armed group, this group did as it pleased, the NG withdrew.

If an armed person comes into your home, takes a tour, and no one is injured it's a non-event?

The way this works in my head is that the armed group could have been gang members or even on the way to Tuscon to rob a bank. They weren't downtrodden migrant workers!

If an armed person or group walks through my door unannounced I'm going to do what ever I can to neutralize them and call the cops.

I gotta believe that there is something wrong with this picture.


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