Friday, December 29, 2006


Ennui: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction.

It's applicable to my mood and a fun word to say. Apathy, boredom, other similar meaning words just don't roll off the tongue as well. Curious that it's a French word...

Millions of my fellow citizens do not see Islamic Imperialism as a threat, if they do they are convinced that it's somehow our fault and we kind of deserve it.

Many of those same citizens seem to have a suicidal disconnect from reality. Just to pick two groups that should be waving red flags of warning. Gays and feminists should be saying something like "We hate Bush, but as it stands, he's our first line of defense!"

Our vaunted First Amendment is held up as a sacred right, our press trumpets it as it hides from another reality. Sharia law doesn't seem to even acknowledge that idea.

Nope, silence might be understandable, but actively working towards your own demise is not.

In a few days I expect to be in Southwest Florida, playing in and on the water for a couple of weeks. Maybe, just maybe, I can explore something other than fools and foolishness.

Maybe even shake the ennui for a while?


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