Monday, December 11, 2006

Hmmm, not guilty - I think?

I do not make a habit of cited Blackfive, I figure most read him at least once a day. However, this post prompted me to comment there, and bring this issue to your attention as well.

You have the finest army in the world, America. Best equipped, highly trained, and already established on the ground in Iraq. If the people at home stopped merely wishing things would get better, and tell us to make them better no matter what, it would. We are ready to fight, are you?

I commented, in part:

JTAS: Nope, I will not join in the collective guilt of 'YOU' Americans. I feel qualified, as a Viet Nam Veteran, to acknowledge your frustration - you are simply not the first to decry ridiculous restraints! However, short of taking up arms, I (and many others) have been doing what I/we can.

Your points are well taken, but your use of such a broad brush is disappointing.

It amounts to a fascinating replay of historical events. Sadly, it's a replay I've posted about many times in the past. Restrict the military so they can't win then curse them when they don't. It's one of those 'convenient fictions' I referred to here. Win under 'our' rules or be damned for losing.


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