Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In through the out door

H/T Supe

I've been predicting this for quite a while. I ain't proud or prescient, just observant.

Rep. John P. Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat, yesterday announced plans to introduce legislation that would cut off funding for President Bush's proposed surge of American troops into Baghdad.

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See this post for my view of the future/present.

I have an admittedly myopic view of such things. We allowed this to happen by concentrating on trivial, but fun, crap like Kerry.

Yeah, I know, I know... 'closing the barn door after the horse got out' and all that.

We bloggers write page after page about 'what is wrong', we highlight a few possible fixes, and the obvious goes unnoticed by most.

Just now we have a lame-duck President who seems to have lost his way. There is a single issue that surpasses everything else and it continues to fall through the cracks of our busy lives.

The battle over whether we will become a Spanish speaking Islamic world/nation trumps every other issue!

Gays ignore it, Feminists ignore it, the global warming folks ignore it... and the anti-Kerry folks ignore it.

The list of folks who spent huge amounts of energy and time on issues that simply will not matter (or worse) is scary.

Every single issue is important, mind you, but context matters, and the context has been lost.


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