Saturday, December 09, 2006

RE: The End is Near? An OWD post.

Rurik's post stirred a few synapses, I opted for a post rather than a comment.

What to do? I am preparing, trying to secure some small part of our civilization and wisdom, trying to create some small understanding of what is really happening, which may be discovered by some new civilization which will surely arise out of the ashes in the future. And when the time comes, I will pick up my sword and shield and hurry to the walls of the city. I'm sure I will meet the rest of the Old War Dogs there.

Burying a time capsule and running to the sound of the guns is a fine survivalist sort of plan. I'm in with the concept.

But I have trouble translating such fine words into actions, even potential actions. I have pursued a survivalist agenda for over ten years. For me that means being secure in my home. How does that translate to picking up my sword and shield and hurry to the walls of the city? At one time I thought about joining one of the many 'militias' extant. There are those that have no racial or religious basis, but paranoia and age nixed that idea.

One idea I've had that gives reality it's due is to pick a state. I'd offer West Virginia... and have every like minded soul move here, hopefully by the thousands. Once we had enough folks to control elections without bloodshed we would do things like authorize a real militia, set term limits, and generally set the agenda for those in the state. The list of possibilities is fascinating. We could put things in our state constitution that would drive the ACLU batty(ier). When confronted with SCOTUS we could hire lawyers to see about seceding. That idea too would be in our state constitution.

Readers, that is the sort of thing that could remake Rurik's words into actions. Anything else may be positive, but amounts to frustrating wishful thinking in the final analysis.

As a way to go, that will sure beat drooling to death in a nursing home.

From my thoughts to Rurik's keyboard.


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