Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh Boy ! BOHICA alert!

Don Surber comments about something I'd missed.

AP reported tonight that Harry Reid's first act as the Senate leader next year will be to hold a closed-door meeting of the Senate. Such a move is illegal in West Virginia, where two county commissioners cannot get on the same elevator under the state's Open Meeting law.

Read the rest here.

Can anyone visualize how this is a good thing? From the AP:

WASHINGTON - The first thing the new, Democratic-led Senate will do next year is meet in a closed "bipartisan caucus" to help set a more pleasant tone than the relentless backbiting of the Congress now heading home, party leaders said Friday.

Far from lawmakers conducting business in secret - as open-government advocates warn - the meeting would serve only to sweep away grudges and smooth the way for more action, the leaders said.

I can not imagine how to emphasize how WRONG this kind of thinking is!


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