Tuesday, November 21, 2006

clarity and stating the obvious

My pal Bud said I shouldn't take a break from posting as noted here.

The issue, as I see it, is a fundamental lack of clarity. Decurion posits a question here that actually offers nothing new. Anyone with a general view of the world has long ago considered each item he mentions.

What's left? How do we deal with those who have their heads in their nether regions?

It's just boring and useless to keep beating the same dead horse.

Myself, in the few years I have left, I'm gonna skip preaching to the converted. The rest of the knotheads can deal with reality as they can.

My "I told ya so" is not gonna be pretty, but in the short term I will be posting less.

Not leaving OWD or the forum. Just not gonna keep repeating myself.


Blogger Exspider said...

It sure as hell ain't a game anymore and I get my share of apathy going at times. Lately though I've had a re-kindling of heart and kicked that thing where it hurt's. In the balls. A lot of that inspiration was provided by you and the OWD crowd and is the very stuff that keeps me alive. I thank you for that.

It's no longer your problem Zero, it belongs to all of US.....

Never substitute Illusion for Reality.


PS: Thank Murtha for me when you get a chance. I'd appreciate it.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous not_secure said...

Yeah, now you know how I have felt for the last 30 years on security matters. People just don't care and most don't even see it when it bites them in the ass. The few that do, don't need to be told. (doesn't make your postition invalid for it to be so)

9:52 PM  

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