Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beating a dead horse and/or stating the obvious

As Bill noted here. Kerry is now one step back from a Presidential wannabe. Every iota of energy expended concerning him is wasted!!!

Please folks... allow common sense to reign. Kerry is a trivial thing. We do have a plethora of issues that have more merit.

1 - Will congress turn the next two years into a pool of muddied water?
2 - Will Sharia law sneak in here as it has in Britain?
3 - Will you be speaking Spanish?

Those are but a tiny enumeration of very real issues facing us.

Reality sucks! Want the government to decide who gets health care? Want the government to decide what your kids are taught?

Move on... if Kerry gets nominated, or worse Edwards, we will deal with that. But please stop wasting energy on Kerry for now.


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