Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just curious

Just wondering about arsenals, the personal kind, on the books? Should note I live in the middle of nowhere (and I like it). Calling 911 in the event of an attempted break-in isn't useful.

I have:

An SKS, minus bayonet. I keep around a thousand rounds on hand for it.

A single shot 12 gauge. I keep about a hundred rounds for it.

A couple .22s: An AR-7 and a semi auto pistol. The pistol is my home carry weapon. It resides on the web-gear I wear when hiking around here, and otherwise is in easy reach. Web-gear also has a K-BAR strapped to it as well as a folding entrenching tool and first aid kit, canteen, etc. AR-7 is my closet gun. I have about a thousand .22 rounds on hand.

A pink pearl handled Raven .25. More or less it's 'The Wife's' bedside weapon. About a hundred rounds on hand.

An ancient .38 is my truck weapon. I carry it (openly in WV) anywhere it won't get me arrested. About 200 rounds on hand.

I also carry 3 folding blades, a flashlight, and a Gerber multi-tool where ever I go. They're on my belt.

So I'm paranoid, but armed. How about yourselves?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You have there some resourse maaan, do you have any permition for those! I have 2 guns I at home and one in my car too!


4:03 PM  

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