Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life Happens

So I have had to cancel my trip to DC next month. I may try for a truncated visit, but the likelihood is diminishing with each day.

The mission matters, but life intrudes. In this case in the form of a Mother-in-Law who we may need to house and take care of.

MIL is in a nursing home in Ohio. This un-named nursing home chooses to deal drugs instead of care.

Now, my MIL is curmudgeonly (read cranky) with several health problems of note, but quality of life is what we've been trying to find for her and keeping her doped up seems to be the game plan.

So we're quickly remodeling what was to be my shop in our garage into a small apartment. The rest of our construction is coming to a halt in this effort. As does other aspects of our lives.

There's no resentment involved on my part... this could be me in a few years. However, there is some frustration. It seems we can't move her to another care home and none of the rest of the family seems willing to step up. So we have to move her four hours away from them to see that she gets cared for.


Blogger Denis Keohane said...


Have been through similar situations and know the time and effort they require. Family has to be cared for first, especially when there is no one else to do it.

With you in spirit, friend.

3:27 PM  

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