Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November at The Wall

Today the 25th anniversary of The Viet Nam Memorial begins with the Reading of the Names.

I had planned to be there this weekend, but life intrudes and I was there twice this year.

John F. Kerry will be there to once again try to capitalize on his service, and mooning him would have been worth facing(??) the weather.

When I first saw the plans for the memorial years ago I was, quite frankly, of the 'Black Gash' opinion. The other memorials in The Mall are of what I would call more appropriate design.

However, appropriateness and meaningfulness are different animals, and we 'Nam Vets have made The Wall far more meaningful than suggested by it's design. Even in the dead of winter The Wall gives off a sort of heat. I personally know few of the names on the wall, but I've known many who have added their warmth to the stone so that it glows if you know how to look. As long as one of us touches one name the effect is not unlike a transfusion of blood.

Years from now it may once again just a 'black gash', but for now it's a glowing beacon that can be seen from everywhere in the country.


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Beautiful entry...

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