Monday, October 29, 2007

A 'Cold' Civil War

My post highlighting part of the Declaration of Independence was to open a dialog. My premise is predicated on the notion that The Revolutionary War was our First 'hot' Civil War.

We are faced with a 'cold' Civil War as it stands. Our country is being stolen by left-wing educators and transnational interests. Thing is we are losing! Small bursts of energy here and there create minor flashes of light, but the trend is obvious to any who just look.

Strictly hypothetically, what would it really take to make a transition from a 'cold' to a 'hot' Civil War? And is it too late to consider?

There are at least two preliminary phases that must be addressed.

1 - The status quo: Boat rockers find out quickly that they are not welcome in the boat. This really isn't simple apathy. Most American voters don't vote! What can we do to turn 'the great unwashed' into activists willing to disturb their lives?

2 - The Military: Without the military we are just a bunch of malcontents. Sleep naked with your personal arsenal or whatever floats you boat, but if the military stays loyal to 'The Government' history says it a waste of energy. What can we do to convince the military that it's best interests lie with us?

Remember - this is but a hypothetical exercise. More so it is meant as an eyeopener.

Almost every single issue pales in comparison to the two I've mentioned. Again, history is a guide... If most of the voters don't care, democracy is for sale to the highest bidder.


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