Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Reality Hammer is Swinging - FAST!

The next 13, or so, months are the most critical in our country's recent history. If the Democrats take the White House and gain even more control of congress our future doesn't look good.

Mind you; an all Republican win is only marginally better, but it is what we have to grasp onto.

Supporting our troops and their mission has taken up much of the past year of my life, but reality bites!

If the Democrats ever put a coherent power base in place for even a few months the issue of the mission in Iraq will become moot.

I am not using the terms 'liberal' nor 'conservative' here. Those are not political parties, but political philosophies.

Confronting moonbats is an honorable endeavor, but ultimately futile. We need to confront the voters, and SOON!

We'll not convert one of the moonbats, but we may educate one voter here and there to what is going on.

The Sanders Initiative is an example of what can be done. There are others as well. It requires no long distance travel or hotel stays. It requires no stages and speeches. It DOES require one person to do something.

Having recently been lectured by a representative of one of my Senators on how wise the Senator is I also think that letter writing, emails, faxes, and the like are of limited value.

We'll each do what we're capable of doing. Some invest energy in sending emails to like minded folks and that helps keep the focus. Thing is to do what we can.

Myself, I'll be hitting the streets with sign and flags, and passing out information to those who ask. It doesn't require much other than time and effort. But if we do it by the thousands it could have an impact where it really matters.


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