Friday, March 30, 2007

Uncle Sam needs YOU!

There it is! We are on the cusp of a major thing, will we be a Spanish speaking Islamic State living under Sharia law? It's an old notion see: Al-Andalus
It was a wonderful time.

The Gathering of Eagles can be an historical footnote in several ways. Do we disappear as just a small bump in the decline or as a transition point where America said WHOA?

Veterans, even draftees, have stepped up for centuries. Has the decline gone on to the point that a second (or third) response is beyond us?

I'm not calling for open rebellion... I am asking that you stand up and be counted amongst the willing yet again.

We are a special few, those who have served, and we are called once again. Our country is on the brink... Of a greater reward or cataclysmic failure.

Future Gatherings of Eagles will be trying, there will be no laudatory press coverage and few awards for success. We will have to deal with politicians or raise up our own versions of the same. We'll have to do the 'dirty work', but failure is inconceivable.

Or is it?


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