Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tick Tock - Tick Tock

March First!!! Just Two weeks from today I (and others) will be boots on the ground just outside Washington, DC.

One month ago I did my first post regarding The March on the Pentagon , titled "The Pendulum Swings".

Wow, is it ever... There's no practical way to translate the outpouring of support into actual numbers but I can note that as a participant at the Kerry Lied Rally and the recent effort in Johnstown, PA to unseat Murtha - I've yet to see anything like it.

Underfunded, and staffed by unpaid volunteers, it looks to be a miracle in the making.

The miracle is NOT only the potential for a huge turnout. The real miracle is the number of voices in the growing chorus saying "Enough is Enough!"

However March 17th turns out it can mark a beginning. Enough of us will return home filled with a new resolve to take a stand.

Remember, The Wall and other memorials are symbols, no one is buried there. They are symbols of things that ARE America.

I'll steal these words from Rurik, not only because they simply bear repeating, but because I thought they were a bit over-the-top when I first read them.

History happens when you’re doing mundane things with little concern beyond the present need. Two hundred and forty-two years ago a small group of angry farmers at Concord chose to make a stand for their musket rights. They knew it might mean trouble or it might lead to nothing. None of them guessed they were about to change the history of the world.

3-17-07 will not be as important as Concord. But if our showing is large enough, it can become a turning point in our own war for national self-respect. Might we be about to make history? May we make history! Help make that happen. You are offered a chance to be there and share the honor of honoring our Fallen Brothers. Or will you be one of King Henry’s “gentlemen in England now-a-bed (who) Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here”. What will you say to yourself while listening to the evening news on March 19?

Read the rest here

What if this awakens the 'silent majority' to what is going on? What if...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good entry.

Have you heard of Supe's loss?


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