Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reality - Stating the obvious yet again

Our country is at serious risk. There is a group that seeks power for power's sake, and will use any means to get it.

This group is essentially answerable to no one including government agencies tasked with enforcing our laws.

This group has been in power so long it feels it is entitled to make decisions for the rest of us. It has taken on the mantle of a royal class. Certainly some members come and go, but another prince is waiting in the wings.

This group does much of it's business in back rooms out of public view, deals are made, money changes hands, with little accountability.

This group maintains a facade that isn't always easy to penetrate, hence plausible deniability offers protection from all but the most pointed probes.

This group is not the Bilderbergs, the CFR, nor the Trilateral Commission, et. al. - though some may be members.

This group is our own Congress!


Ask yourself; why can't we get term limits? A simple idea that would shift the role of congress to something closer to what I think our Founding Fathers intended. George Washington chose NOT to our King, yet congress HAS chosen to be royalty in the form of princes and princesses.

I've proposed taking term limits several steps further:

Congresscritters are chosen from the jury pool. This process is good enough for us as individuals.
Congresscritters are paid what out military is paid, I'd offer them mid-level officers pay. They would live in housing similar to that of said officers. They would have the exact benefits across the board except for retirement. Congresscritters would simply not serve long enough, although that service would probably fall under civil service rules so the time served would count if applicable

Term lengths would be as they are now, except, of course, no one would have consecutive terms.

Certain infrastructure elements would have to change to avoid bureaucratic inertia within the staffs. I haven't worked out all of the details.

Thing is... My idea is about as likely as simple terms limits, so why not shoot for the moon?


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