Friday, February 02, 2007

The shitty end of the stick

Thanks Supe.

All of us 'Nam vets have some experience with The Stick, if anyone needs examples they can be provided.

Do your best, labor to your utmost, even shed blood, and get handed the wrong end of The Stick.

It matters little what the genesis of the term was... does anyone NOT understand what it means?

Well, The Stick is being passed, shitty end and all, to a new generation. I suspect that there is a certain glee on the part of those doing the passing.

Kerry's 'botched' joke, the LA times article about 'Nam vets, William Arkin's crap, spitting on the disabled Iraq vet... these are part of a pattern that is becoming clearer every day. If you need links or don't see the pattern you're in the wrong place, move on.

If you wear the uniform, if you've been in Iraq or Afghanistan (or elsewhere, at that)... BOHICA!

You're not 'baby killers', but de facto participants in Abu Ghraib, etc.

Never happen, you say? Suits me, I'd rather be a certified paranoid than right.

If the pattern exists investing energy on each individual element approaches a waste of time. Beat up on Arkin, beat up on Kerry... the pattern is the issue. Boasting that you dodged a lightening bolt is a small victory when a tornado is bearing down.

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