Tuesday, November 14, 2006


John Bolton's position at the UN looks to be the first milestone on the road to perdition. Don Surber offers this:

The death warrant for Israel has been signed. Last week, the world through the racketeer-influenced and controlled organization known as the UN would have condemned Israel if not for a veto by John Bolton.

He'll be gone in January, a victim of Democratic ignorance and Republican cowardice. The Western World thinks it can sacrifice Israel to be spared this Islamic nutjob.

Remember, first they came for the Jews ...

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Don doesn't go far enough, I think, but he's certainly correct in his analysis concerning what will happen to Bolton.

One should ask; will the west actually sacrifice Israel? Israel isn't Mogadishu, after all. Israel will NOT fade into a page 6 story if we bail out. In terms even the liberal/left can understand - Israel will not go quietly to avoid disturbing our 2008 elections. No amount of spin will turn glowing, glassy craters into garden pools.


Anonymous MomWolf said...

I can't imagine that we will abandon Israel. Israel is no longer made up of diplaced European Jews, though they are a great part of the population. Most of them are American in thought, if not by dint of birth or their parents birth.

I was over there for a while in 1985 and I was struck by how "American" it felt. Mke no mistake, the 18 yr olds with Uzis were unnerving.

Damn but it brings back a flood of memories. If we abandon Israel and the History and The blood that goes along with it, we will be judged harshly and condemned by those that come after...and rightlly so.

10:29 PM  

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