Sunday, September 03, 2006

In a moment of ill-spirited glee

Every so often a turn of phrase catches my eye as a simple, obvious, and "wish I'd said that" thing.

"In a moment of ill-spirited glee".

A friend used that (she happens to be retired USAF) in a post. I dunno if it's original.

But take a look around. The troll leaving pointless comments just to see their name on the screen, the MSM parsing every word from the administration, and the liberal/left repeating the same sad old phrases whether applicable or not. To be sure, others are as guilty, but I like picking on those folks when I can.

It's there, that moment of ill-spirited glee. The phrase has a child-like feeling, and maybe there's a clue in that? The childish need for instance gratification?

Not ill-tempered, but ill-spirited - not meanness, but ill-spirited. A sick spirit...says rather a lot, I think.


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