Saturday, September 02, 2006

Goodbye Sweden

H/T The Sarge

This article struck me as maybe the first clear sound of the klaxon.

The Swedish People Have Ceased to Exist — by Decree of Their Own Government.

Festive and church dress, ÖstergötlandNo more SWEDES, according to the “Finale Report of the Department of Culture” (Ds 2000:43)!

Instead we are now “persons with a Swedish background” (person/er med svensk bakgrund).

In our neighbouring countries there live Danes, Finns, Norwegians, and Germans, but in Sweden there live “persons with a Swedish background” and — not to be forgotten — a damn big heap of immigrants.

The reason for this ridiculous change of terminology is the extensive immigration and the pursued unsuccessful policy of integration. The relatively small and society-disintegrating leftist ELITE of the country wants the MULTICULTURE to dominate the land and the lives of its People — without ever having asked the People. According to the Government Secretariat (Regeringskansliet) Sweden shall bear the stamp only of its immigrants and their cultures, and their values and behaviours and religions.

Read the article

I dunno how accurate the article and it's assements are. It's of interest because it could serve as the framework to describe what's happening in this country.


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