Friday, September 01, 2006

Well Gee Whiz!

AP has a curious story about the crime wave and tourism in DC.

Businesses and government officials are worried that other visitors will share the same concerns in the wake of robberies and slayings at tourism sites.

Since May, there have been several highly publicized attacks _ including holdups on the mall and the slashing death of a British political activist in Georgetown. Last month, a jewelry store worker was critically wounded in the upscale neighborhood after being shot during a daylight robbery.

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Washington D.C. has some of the most powerful anti-gun laws anywhere in the country. So it must be something else?

I had a trip planned to D.C. last month, and I was concerned, because I might be arrested if I was armed. Trip was canceled for unrelated reasons, by the way.

Crime is down where ever Concealed Carry Permits are available. Why is that, I wonder? There might be a reason predators seek out the sick and the weak?

I think we should boycott places that don't have and support a reciprocal CCW policy.


When Visiting DC your best course of action is to leave all weapons at home. Even small pocket knives are not welcome in Government Buildings. Most buildings in DC are Government Buildings. You will have to go through Metal Detectors to get into some Government Buildings. The Mint, White House, Capital and even the Smithsonian and others. Large bags are not allowed in most buildings. Get info from the Government Agency you are planning to visit. Remember that your items will be searched. Big bags will just take longer to search and hold you up.

So the predators can carry anything and your pocket knife will be confiscated, and a licensed CCW weapon will get you in trouble.

If I carry a knife or a pistol and commit a crime... throw away the key. But the notion that carrying a knife or a gun IS a crime is just plain ludicrous!

I wish I had your million dollars = crime.
Your house is nicer than mine = crime.
I should be able to defend my family, anywhere, anytime = crime.


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