Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year Ahead - with some sorta TMI notes on the old

2008 has been a 'different' sort of adventure around here.

Some of you may know we took the MIL out of a nursing home in Ohio and brought her here. We converted my garage workshop into an apartment for her.

That's me on the backhoe.

Kitchen area.

So instead of finishing our house, we spent that money on the apartment.

Also I canceled a planned trip to DC for WSII.

Next was the challenge of finding care givers. I can't/won't take care of the MIL. She needs help in several areas I can't provide... like going to the bathroom.

Been pretty strange, actually, we pay more than any other non-skilled female can get in this area, but they come and go.

Tried to spent few days with my pals from Alpha Rubicon and had to head home when someone quit?

The Wife works three 12 hour shifts (Fri, Sat, Sun) and her pay just pays the caregivers, BTW.

Then she spends virtually the balance of the week with the MIL.

Point being... this past year hasn't been what I had in mind. I do suspect the 2009 will be similar... There's certain boring/deadening elements involved when one tries to plan ahead. Sure, death and taxes are certainty, but true humans adapt and overcome. Likely on a minute-by-minute basis.


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