Sunday, June 03, 2007

A really good idea!

Check out this article: In Vermont, nascent secession movement gains traction

It raises important issues that require a second look. Vermont itself is described as: a left-leaning state that said yes to civil unions, no to slavery (before any other) and last year elected a socialist to the U.S. Senate.

Left-leaning or not the ramifications are stunning and as much fun to consider as what to do with those lottery winnings I'll have someday.

The article notes that several other states are considering much the same and I think it's one hell of a fine idea. Provided, of course, that the process removes them from the federal government's teat.

I'd like California to secede and New York... and maybe Washington State.

At it's most fundamental it would force folks off the fence.

I'll leave you to your own day dreams. I'm having too much fun to take the time to write further about it just now.


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