Friday, June 01, 2007

History Revisited - One Element

This country was founded by immigrants, save for the Native Americans. Each wave has brought difficulties with integration. Yet after hundreds of years we can transact business in English most places.

Those places are dwindling.

In years past in Hawaii and on our west coast the Japanese immigrants put their children in public school, and then had them go to Japanese school after hours. This pattern was followed by many other groups. Their heritage was preserved without compromising integration.

Integration adds to the richness of our country. This is what is not what some multicultural re-writing of history suggests. A reasoned case can be made that the struggle to integrate has been a factor that binds us as a people. It's a shared hardship that creates a common bond.

Millions of folks have came here, struggled and adapted, why isn't that the lesson we've learned? Where did real wrongs and perceived wrongs take precedents over our real history?

The answer is simple, there are groups who feel the greatness we've achieved is evil incarnate. No matter that we have overcame most of our foibles and past mistakes... they resonate with a few.

And the rest of us are made to feel guilt, so we abdicate in favor of that few.

I don't feel guilty about slavery, I didn't own slaves. I don't feel guilty about the treatment of the Japanese during WWII, I wasn't born yet. I don't treat people improperly because of someone's race or creed, I do treat buttheads like buttheads.

I don't feel guilty because some nut shot a bunch of folks in Virginia, I simply didn't do it.

Further, there is little historical justification for allowing lawbreakers to gain over the law abiding, indeed our courts are full of cases where thieves are prosecuted.

Our great 'melting pot' is becoming a sieve, and that is just sad


Blogger Graneee Sezz said...

"Millions of folks have came here, struggled and adapted, why isn't that the lesson we've learned?"

And you hit the reason, exactly. No matter what, certain groups feel our country to be evil incarnate. Damn...


7:38 AM  
Blogger Purple Avenger said...

That millions are busting into the joint shows the US is an evil undesirable place to be ;->

1:33 PM  

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