Monday, June 11, 2007

Beware - The Red-Headed-Americans

You know who they are... cantankerous and drinkers! Many are a subset of Irish-Americans, but that's only a partial excuse for them.

Redheaded-Americans crop up in all ethnic groups. I think it's a genetic throwback of some sort. Many true redheads even turn gray early.

They are an insidious lot, those redheads. They sneak into all corners of American life and cause chaos.

You know they can't be trusted and they tend to stick to themselves. They have developed a coded language that even includes those who use a bottle to turn red. You can see them on street corners and in the malls.

Once converted those chemical Redheaded-Americans are even more zealous in their conceit.

They sneer at the rest of us. I've seen them pointing and laughing.

I married one, you know, I've seen The Wife and her cronies plotting.



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