Sunday, August 13, 2006

Toooo early to judge, but...

Some have already have decided what the next few days will bring.

Caroline Glick writing in the Jerusalem Post observes we are seeing "An unmitigated disaster" unfold.

By handing a victory to Hizbullah, the resolution strengthens the belief of millions of supporters of jihad throughout the world that their side is winning and that they should redouble efforts to achieve their objectives of destroying Israel and running the US out of the Middle East.

Read the article.

And Ynet reports on the observations from a Senior Hizbullah official: "If a mere organization succeeded in defeating Israel, why would Arab nations not succeed in doing so?"

Ahmed Barakat, a member of Hizbullah's central council, said in an interview to Qatari newspaper al-Watan that "Today Arab and Muslim society is reasonably certain that the defeat of Israel is possible and that countdown to the disappearance of the Zionist entity in the region has begun."

Read the article.

I believe (okay, maybe it's wishful thinking) that the last shot has yet to be fired, and the old saw about 'counting your chickens before they hatch' has merit here.

BUT, there is no doubt what will happen if Israel falls and I hope, down to my toenails, others in the west are actually paying attention. Iraq will fall further under the sway of Tehran, it's the next logically target if Israel is no longer a factor. If Israel is a 'stick in the eye', the U.S. in Iraq is the 'pain in the ass'.

I dredge up this Bedouin proverb every so often "I against my brother I and my brother against our cousin, my brother and our cousin against the neighbors, all of us against the foreigner." Because history suggests that internecine warfare will be the next phase. And THAT is the only light at the end of the tunnel if Israel and Iraq fall.


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