Sunday, August 06, 2006

Half-assed time travel

One tale describes Israel as only existing because of some western efforts to impose borders and governments after WWII. Further, it has been said that Israel has illegally 'occupied' additional territory after later conflicts. I need no citations to support my 'weasel words'. Both positions are being re-stated daily, even in the UN and seemingly by our country's leaders as well. In the past Israel has been pressured to actually return some areas and some in Israel itself seem to be buying the position the 'land for peace' is a viable means of survival.

But... I find that logic foolish! And more than a little dangerous. How does one un-ring a bell?

Where does it stop? European borders have been drawn and re-drawn many times, by external forces and war. Indeed, I can't think of a single country where that isn't true, if we exclude a few small island states.

We should consider giving Texas back to Mexico because it was aquired mostly by warfare?

There is some strange vision at work here. A vision that ignores history and seems bent on traveling back in time try to undo things that have already happened.

If Israel has no right to exist then neither does any country, anywhere.

Think about it... most of the countries trying to cram the notion down our throats are or were themselves created in exactly the same way!


Anonymous Supe said...

You know, we want to believe that we choose the best and the brightest to represent us on important issues, and it has become clear that is not necessarily the case here in the US. I suspect it is no less likely among the Israelis.

11:08 PM  

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