Monday, August 07, 2006

Half-assed time travel part two

Or maybe I should have titled this piece "stating the obvious"? I'm just fascinated by the notion that someone MUST have discovered a time machine? It's only way I can understand the reasoning I hear spouted every day.

Another attempt to 'un-ring' a bell has been dealt with in a variety of forums and in a variety of ways, but try as I might I hear gibberish, mostly, and much to my chagrin, I still don't get it.

Let's accept for the moment that every argument against our going into Iraq is valid.

President Bush and his administration lied about a myriad of issues, the war was about oil, and Haliburton contracts, etc, etc.

All the conspiracy weenies are correct about whatever their particular notion might be.

Islamic imperialists can be dealt with in the UN, or as simple lawbreakers if need be.

Impeach the president, protest if you will, etc

But I can't help but ask SO WHAT?

Here's a couple of simple facts; we are in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we leave prematurely there will be chaos!

About the only way that quiting might be seen in a positive light is that the various factions may kill each other on a scale that may provide a short respite for the rest of the world.

This just ain't all that complicated! Is Islamic imperialism a valid threat? If not then we can pull the plug anytime, withdraw to CONUS, downsize the military and intelligence services, and forget about it.

If, however, the threat is real, trying to provide stable alternatives in the region just makes sense.

I'm lost here... we can't undo what IS, what's the point of trying to deal with the issues as if we can?

If your house is on fire do you call the Fire Department and try to save what you can - or do you call your local newspaper and begin a campaign to get the Fire Chief fired?

This is sophomoric in scope, what did I miss? That's not a rhetorical question - I'd really like an answer?


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