Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Michael Yon offers a broad view of Jihad well worth the read, as usual.

The subtitle: The lust for self-destruction and someone to blame, conveys the meat of the article.

And VDH weighs in with a broader view with National Clarity.

Again the subtitle does it's job well: Bush Needs to Explain the Broad Context of War.

The Bush administration should stop repeating that it is fighting the war on terror for truth, justice and the American way. Instead, the president and his staff should be blunt and explain that, since Sept. 11, it has had to choose between options that are bad or far worse.

By all means, the administration should invite critics to suggest constructive alternatives to the way it has handled this war. But it should also point out that those who have honed in on flaws in current U.S. anti-terror policies have so far been bereft of other workable ideas.


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