Monday, July 17, 2006

A Little too Early?



SOMETHING big hasn't happened in the current round of fighting between Israel and its terrorist foes. That absence represents a potentially fatal change in Israeli policy.

For all of the air-attacks on targets in Lebanon, the Israeli Defense Force has not sent in ground troops. If IDF tanks don't thrust across the border in force in the next few days, it will reflect the greatest crisis of will in Israel's history.

Israel is signaling its enemies that it's afraid to risk its soldiers' lives. And the terrorists read the message clearly. This caution will only encourage Israel's enemies - just when the seemingly inevitable advent of Iranian nuclear weapons poses the greatest threat to Israel since 1948.

Seems to be 'jumping the gun' a bit, but I linked to the article because the authors point is quite valid. While not quite rising to the Clinton era tactic of 'lobbing a few cruise missles' to send a message, it would be adding fuel to the terrorists fire if Israel doesn't commit ground forces after prepping the battlespace.

Time will tell, but an earlier post here by Russ brought up at least one apparent anomaly that is of a similar vein.


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