Friday, June 16, 2006

This just struck my fancy

H/T to Bill at Small Town Veteran

the Warrior Caste - Revisited, and read the comments.

I wouldn't normally invest time in issues dealt with by 'The Big Boys', but this one is oddly fun.

I have documentation that at least one of my ancestors fought in the Revolution, and suggestions that one was with William the Conquerer.

Dunno about the Civil War... likely they were involved, but maybe as pirates or road agents. We had a lot of that here in WV.

Grandfather was in WW1.

Father was KIA in Korea.

Me, I have no kids, but did my time in and around Vietnam.

Now I just Blog.

Member of American Legion, VFW, and the DAV.

The older I get the less I feel like 'A Warrior', but the mind is still willing.


Blogger Papa Ray said...

Came by from an email from Bill at STV.

My Dad tried three times to join, actually made it into the Navy but was kicked out when they discovered he was not only color blind but couldn't see out of one eye hardly.

He said his Dad was in WWII in some kind of capacity in the Merchant Marine. He didn't know about our ancestors. I intended some day to get all that gathered but its never happened.

Hey, I'm not a Geezer!! but getting almost there. I'm a certified Redneck and somewhere on the right side of center on almost all things. I'm as far right as you can get on immigration and second Chucks(TCOverride) Ideas on border control and the fence and this is my idea of good entertainment.

I'll be baaaack.

Papa Ray
West Texas

8:03 PM  
Blogger Zero Ponsdorf said...

Welcome aboard (that's Navy talk).

8:27 PM  

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