Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not sure about this guy via FR

But his words certainly ring true.

E pluribus pluribus?

While much of the immigration debate focuses on financial issues - whether illegal immigrants hurt or help the economy - the missing link to understanding Americans' anxiety over the issue is the reality that we are failing to build a citizenry that loves America first. The unasked question is whether we are building allegiance to anything other than the almighty dollar.


Today, hyphenated Americans put other countries and affiliations first, and they drive a wedge into the heart of "one nation." A recent poll of Hispanics in America by Investor's Business Daily shows that 64% consider themselves "mostly Hispanic," but that only 15% see themselves as "mostly American." The survey further reveals that 31% speak "only Spanish" in the home, while just 6% speak "only English." Finally, 69% of respondents said they lived in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods.


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