Friday, June 16, 2006

Secretary of Terror

H/T Consul-at-arms

Coonts: Secretary of Terror

“Conventional military responses have also proven futile. Smashing third world governments because they tolerate or refuse to combat terrorists hasn't solved anything. In fact, it makes the clerics stronger because they no longer have to compete for power with secular authorities. The people are left to choose between the mosques or anarchy. Clearly, we must go in other directions.”


“Oh, no!” Senator Franklin roared. “Oh, no. A few fanatics carry out murderous criminal attacks, but the vast majority of the people in the Arab world have not raised a hand against us.”

“I beg to differ. They harbor the clerics who preach this poison. They pay for terrorism, they provide the jihad soldiers, they cheer the atrocities in the streets and in the mosques. They are not our friends, senator, nor are they neutral. They are our enemies and we will not win this war until we recognize and act on that fact.”

This actually a tough short story to read. I found myself cheering and cringing at the same time.


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