Thursday, June 08, 2006

Illegal Immigration and California

It's Immigration, Stupid

Okay, so he didn't call it 'Illegal Immigration' in the title. Newt's analysis of the recent election in California's 50 District is a good read.

The third (and most fascinating) was an enormous revelation by the Democrat. At a rally, someone told her (in Spanish) that they were for her but were undocumented (meaning they were in the United States illegally). Ms. Busby responded by suggesting that it was OK for a person in the United States illegally to be active in her campaign. Unfortunately for her candidacy, a Minuteman volunteer in the audience caught her words on tape and gave it to San Diego talk radio hosts. The following day, her willingness to pander to non-citizens became the centerpiece of the campaign and she was on defense for the last five days until the election.


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