Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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National security no longer a clear winner for the GOP

[edit] the above link now goes to a registration page. I ya don't know how to get around it, just read the quotes.

Bush's problems with Iraq and other national security issues have contributed mightily to the drop in his overall approval ratings, which have fallen into the low 30s.

Influential GOP political consultants agree that the turmoil in Iraq is by far the main reason for Bush's drop-off on national security. Beyond Iraq, they cite the current immigration debate and Bush's decision in February to allow Dubai Ports World, a United Arab Emirates firm, to manage six U.S. ports.

"The Dubai Ports controversy was the tipping point," said Scott Reed, a prominent consultant who managed Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign. "In that one instant, the country became skeptical about Bush's commitment to protecting our country. It also allowed his opponents to get to the right of him on the security issue. He's been unable to regain the high ground."

This aspect has been a major challenge for me.

I just don't GET it!

However I'm still convinced that Iraq AND Afghanistan (and numerous other spots around the world) were the right places to inject our military.

...donning foil hat

How ANYONE can justify that effort and dismiss issues concerning our borders is beyond me.

Iraq and the Dubai Ports controversy played only a peripheral role in MY disillusionment!


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