Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Perceptions and stating the obvious

NOTE: This piece is in work and will change.

There are several things that should be obvious to everyone as of today.

1 - We have men and women in harm's way doing a great job dealing with the front door, while our back door remains unlocked.

2 - The New World Order is being shoved down our throats by politicians and lobbyists. We are being assailed not only by the liberal/left, but by so called 'conservatives'.

3 - There is a real threat from Islamic Imperialism.


How do I define a conservative position?

1 - Smaller government.
a - Fewer taxes
b - States Rights superior to Federal rights
c - A balanced budget
2 - A Strong military and the will to use it for defense from armed aggresion.
3 - Freedom for ALL religions and freedom FROM all religions.
4 - Judges that do interpret the law, not make new law
a - Judges that do not think international legal standards have the same weight as our Constitution.
5 - A strong Second Amendment
a - We should be able to own any weapon we can afford to buy.

How do I define a liberal position?

1 - Bigger government
a - more taxes
b - States Rights subsumed by Federal rights
c - A balanced budget, just larger
2 - A weak or no military, it's functions are handled by law enforcement.
3 - Freedom for some religions.
4 - Judges that not only overturn bad laws, but make new ones.
5 - no weapons in the hands of ordinary citizens.



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