Friday, May 12, 2006

A puzzle and some perspective.

Many are voicing outrage and concern over the USA Today Story on the NSA. even though it may be old news according tho this story.

I'm not quite sure why?

Total privacy in this day and age is a convenient fiction at best. Your local water company can probably determine if you have a case of diarrhea by changes in your water usage. Cameras are everywhere. Credit card transactions are monitored to check for fraud. Bank transactions have been monitored for years to catch criminals.

Credit monitoring companies monitor your bill paying practices. Telephone calls can be monitored by the phone companies and that includes cell phones. Every online transaction, be it web surfing or email is monitored by at least your ISP. It's likely everything you've ever done on the internet is residing somewhere on-line.

Then there's always the good old Tempest attack.

So there are literally thousands of people with access to your private data in one form or another, how is it suddenly worse when the government accesses this data in the hopes of stopping another 9/11?


There are ways to regain your privacy, cash only transactions (so long as they're less than $10,000) are safer that plastic transactions, so trash the cards.

Get rid of ALL phones and communicate only via snail mail, preferably encrypted and through a mail drop, if possible. lose your Social Security Number or get a phony.

Don't work anywhere that pays a payroll deduction, etc to the government.

Don't pay for insurance of any sort.

Toss your drivers license (and any other licenses) or get phonies.

Don't vote.

Never use perscription drugs.

And on , and on.

Myself, I'm more concerned some yahoo who works for a credit card company will sell my identity than I am Bush is listening to my phone calls.


Anonymous not_secure said...

I did a bit of a rant on this over in LJ land yesterday. Yes, I'm back. Check out this here if you have a chance. It was enough to bring me back. You still posting on LJ, the other journal looks quiet but maybe it's friends only now?

7:32 AM  

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