Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I hate to repeat myself, but wait...

Someone else is talking, and making my points.


The opening:

This author finds Liberal aversion to religion -- with the politically correct exception of Islam -- amusing. This is because we regard contemporary liberalism as itself a primitive faith, having much in common with Islam.

True believers in each faith are impervious to rational argumentation and become enraged and belligerent when their beliefs are challenged. Their shared craving for power over the lives of their fellow human beings is palpable, as is their fascination with and yearning to submit to tyrants (see Jimmy Carter) or to the will of Allah.

Since the true believers in the Church of Liberalism are weak and immature, they enjoy vicarious participation in the power and control wielded by tyrants, hence their affection for Stalin, Mao, Che, Fidel, Like children they overestimate their strength in order to compensate for their real impotence and lack of intellectual comprehension.

Liberals and Islamists share a conviction of their special virtue and benevolence. They're so convinced of their righteousness that it becomes a moral duty to convert or destroy those who disagree. Not for them the modesty or self effacement of the Christian or the Jew or the Buddhist who knows how far short he falls of the ideal life. No need to spell out rational positions when you know you're just smarter, kinder, just a flat out exemplary human being. After all, you're in touch with your feelings, and you know, in the words of the late lefty Reverend, William Sloane Coffin, "The heart is a little to the left."

The closing:

If sharia law ultimately prevails in America it will be thanks to the shared fantasies of Jihadi Islam and contemporary liberalism.

There's a distinction he left out... if sharia law comes to our shores, the liberal/left will be screaming for our help and will find it is too late.


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