Monday, April 17, 2006

Attention please

I'd missed this mini-series, perhaps you have as well?

If so, wake up!!!

USArabia part 1

USArabia Part 2

Read it and draw your own conclusions, there are links and citations.

Re-read my paranoid rant.

Bits and pieces from here and there keep falling into place, what was a small drip seems to be growing into a roaring torrent.

Foreigners in the tens of thousands march in our streets with little concern, all the while our borders have all but collapsed.

The tocsin is heard yet again, but how to react?

Remember that even paranoids can have enemies so don't be too hasty to file this post under one man's lunatic ravings.

Find one time in our country's history where the collective pressures were as great as they are now and I'll shut up and go take my meds.

The Civil War might come to mind, however, it simply doesn't fit.


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