Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Confused, Puzzled, Befuddled, and otherwise lost....

I'm ignorant, I admit that, but I usually make up for it by being obsessively curious.

But, I am clearly out of my depth.

If it isn't clear I voted for Bush twice, if for no other reason than the alternatives were terrible.

I'm quite convinced that the battles in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere are critical to the survival of the west..

Further, I'm fully convinced that our military has adapted and pursued the goals given them with an alacrity that is truly astonishing.

Add to that my full support for other actions taken at Gitmo, the NSA thing, etc.

They're clearly all part of a common thread and I'm simply not interested in discussions about any of those issues!

But my reasoning falters quickly when trying to understand what's happening with our borders and this certainly includes the recent port debacle.

Don't lay this solely at the hands of Conservatives, or Republicans, or Bush because the issue plainly predates this lot. I'm well aware that business interests are driving the issue as they have for decades. One might note who signed an Executive Order authorizing the China Ocean Shipping Company to operate The Port of Long Beach in 1998.

I'll admit that the current administration hasn't offered a realistic resolution (hence my puzzlement), so don't need to be told that.

[edit] Must add that LEGAL, controlled, immigration is a profoundly GOOD thing.

We might be able to have a discussion, and I might learn something?

Premise: Government is not being reasonable about our borders, what's to be done?

I'll open this post for comments so long as they address the premise.


Anonymous MomWolf said...

Okay, is this working? If so, I'll comment later. If not, I'll try again later, anyway!

7:05 PM  
Blogger Zero Ponsdorf said...

yep and thanks.

get back to your dinner.

7:07 PM  

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